Võrusoo Industrial Park

Võrusoo industrial park is a so-called greenfield type development project in the town of Võru in the area between Luha and Roopa street.

Võrusoo industrial park is a so-called greenfield type of industrial area development in the town of Võru in the area between Luha and Roopa street. All the town’s most important 54 manufacturing companies with important workforce potential are located in its vicinity. The industrial park in question has an area of 39,4 ha and there have been planned 32 plots with a total area of 220 360 m². Plot sizes vary between 4 000 m² and 20 000 m².

Võrusoo Industrial Park

Commissioning of the industrial park has been planned in stages.

First stage

  •  7 production plots;
  • illuminated access roads to plots;
  • rainwater ditches;
  • public water supply, sewerage, electricity, communication and district heating network connection points at the border of the plots.

The main companies operating in the area are Cristella VT OÜ (frozen bakery and pastry products) – circa 300 employees, Wermo AS (furniture production) – circa 60 employees, Valio Eesti AS Võru Juustutööstus (food production) and Võru Hallid (production of metal structures).

South-East Estonia is a region with sustainable forestry, agriculture, organic food and tourism direction, where competence in the field has accumulated over the years. Investors with green investment ideas and responsible plans for the development of business services in the region are welcome here.

Investment target groups:

  • Wood service sector (design and product development centres, training courses, logistics management etc.) and sustainable forestry. The wood industry has a wood competence centre and an ecosystem
  • green economy and bioeconomy (bioenergetics)
  • food service sector (development of products, marketing, training courses, cooking, post-processing etc.), including organic production and clean food
  • remote work centre network
  • recreation sector
  • transport and logistics sector (electric car network and caravan network)

Advantages of South-East Estonia industrial area development

Border location – South-East Estonia borders the Republic of Latvia to the south and the Russian Federation to the east and is therefore suitable for cross-border business. International transport corridors pass through the region.

Strong wood and furniture production sector and successful food producers and metal workers – South-East Estonia has tens of mid-sized woodworking and furniture production companies. A considerable part of their produce goes to export and it gives the greater part of the manufacturing industry sales revenue. In total there are more than 6000 manufacturing industry employees in the area.

Qualified workforce preparation and support services – there are 3 different vocational training institutions with circa 2000 students (Võrumaa Vocational Education centre, Vocational Education Centre of Valgamaa, Räpina School of Horticulture). Near Võrumaa Vocational Education centre is located the local woodworking and furniture production competence centre named Tsenter. There are county development centres in all county centres that offer support to both starting and operating companies.

Good natural and living environment and strong regional identity – South-East Estonia’s safe living environment with beautiful nature together with all the necessary primary services makes for a good place for newcomers.

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